as above, so below – expectations…

As Above, So Below is about a young woman who’s in search of the philosopher’s stone, something her father did. Her journey takes her and some friends in to the catacombs of France and into unearthly (pun intended) visions. Simple enough right?

The good; the trailer, that trailer is pretty intriguing. The premise of this film is great, got some real life stuff with Flamel mixed in with creative liberties. I like that kind of stuff.

The use of the found footage plot device works well with here. There’s a documentarian following our lead, wherever she may go, and then there’s cameras installed in to the head lamps of our adventurers.

The bad; shakey cam… I get that this movie uses the found footage format, but sheesh. Then the people we’re following in this movie get head lights to see in the dark, ok, but why are these lights always pointed up? And not directly in front of them as they, ya know, walk in the dark? If they did that, they might avoid some trips and falls, just sayin’.

The first half of this movie starts off as a sort of treasure hunt, but then it just gets weird once we start descending in to the catacombs. Then once we got in to all that crazyness below, it just felt off. There weren’t enough moments of scary-jumpy-moments. Everything was just too predictable.

Overall, worthy effort, but ultimately left me wanting more. Such a promising trailer with a great premise, just wasn’t executed with the same gusto.

And if you’re going to talk in the theatre, why repeat what’s being said? It’s not a comedy, so it’s not like you want to remember the joke… I dunno, seems like people don’t have anything good to say anymore, what happened to the days when you wanted to warn the character on screen? “Don’t open that door!” Instead it’s, “she opened that door.” If I wanted the audio descriptive track on, I would buy the DVD and select it.

Fade out-



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