22 jump street – i said jump

22 Jump Street is the sequel to 21 Jump Street. We follow Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum on another case to find drugs, this time at a college. It’s everything you expect and had from the first movie, yet it’s not…

The good; the pairing of Hill and Tatum as Schmidt and Jenko is great. Channing really works well in comedy, he needs to stick to stuff like this and forget the serious stuff. Let’s just say that there doesn’t seem like much acting in his portrayal of a dumb jock.

But what really shines through in this movie is the self-referential qualities, numerous times they say, “just like last time,” the plot is almost the same, the characters are the same, it’s all the same, yet it works. Recognizing what this movie is and should be the creators ran with. And what’s more… not all the best stuff was included in the trailer, so thankful for that.

Probably the best part of the movie… the end credits.

The bad; the other characters in the movie keep saying how old our leads look, yet they’re still treated like their peers.

Peter Stormare always plays a bad guy. Guess he’s just got that look, and that’s not necessarily the movie’s fault, but gotta put something here.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed this movie. So much laughs to be had, if you liked the first movie you’ll definitely love this one.

Fade out-


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