true blood – finale

True Blood had it’s series finale this past weekend with the episode “Thank You.”
It wraps up the series and the whole Hep-V disease plaguing the vampires, by having the cure in Newlin’s blood, which Eric and Pam capitalize on. Tara‘s spirit is put to rest. Bill wants the true death while Jessica and Hoyt get married. They wrapped up everything nicely.

Well, yes and no. Having kept up with the series I felt that a lot more could’ve been done with this last season. I know that in the beginning the vampires were seen as an allegory for gay rights, but creator Alan Ball stated that such a comparison is lazy and possibly homophobic. So it felt very odd to have the finale focus in on Jessica (a vampire) and Hoyt’s marriage.
For one, Hoyt’s character was annoying and we were glad to see him leave, when he came back for his mom’s death I can’t say I welcomed it. Then to have him marry Jessica, it felt like another metaphor for gay marriage rights. The previous season had moved away from this sort of metaphor and standing in stuff and moved in to the realm of more fantasy aspects. It just felt like a step backwards to get everyone to this happy ending at a dinner table.

Then there’s the whole true death with Bill… he was feeling “warm” to the touch, and Sookie could read his mind… what were they trying to do here? Was his infection of Hep-V turning him human?? Did anyone else catch this? The episode goes from dropping these hints to Sookie impaling Bill… I just wasn’t sure why they chose this route?
Then Tara’s story… the pay off wasn’t at all what the build up led us to believe, this felt like another wasted opportunity.

The way the previous seasons had been, I wasn’t expecting this happy ending. But then our expectations were probably too high and no ending could manage to satisfy our craving. Oh well, thanks for the fun time True Blood.

Fade out-


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