man of steel sequel – no thanks… no thanks – updated

THIS JUST IN!! Turns out I’m (probably) right, here’s the evidence. Isn’t that just the darnedest?

A movie with Superman and Batman should be a summer blockbuster… right? Right?! The film isn’t due until 2016, and it’s already moved its release date, to March… So that it won’t go head to head with Captain America 3… all signs continue to point to disaster.

So let me get this straight… the sequel to Man of Steel, is going to be called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?
I always want to see a movie before I pass judgement, but facts as they are now, make it extremely difficult to be excited for this film…

(I know Bats, same here, I just hung my head as well…)

Last year was Superman’s 75th anniversary, where’s the love for Superman? I like Batman just fine, but why does his name get top billing for the sequel to Man of Steel?
Granted this year is Batman’s 75th, but if we’re starting over to gear up for the Justice League movie, give Batman a new set of movies… we accepted a new set of Spider-Man movies right away, why can’t we do that here?

Further to that, the first teaser images are of Batman and the Batmobile? This is a Superman movie right?

Why can’t we have the traditional Superman costume with the red trunks? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had the traditional Spider-Man costume over the first version they had, and what’s more… they made that textured look work.

And who’s Batman V (Five)? Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale… so is Affleck the fifth Batman? Must be right… right?

The one good thing that I was able to discern is that Goyer will not be taking on the full writing responsibilities.

I understand that the powers that be at Warner Bros. and DC Comics want to follow in the wake of The Avengers success, and to a greater extent, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by introducing us to the top three, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But if anyone was to do a multi-superhero movie first, it should’ve been DC, because Warner owns all the DC superhero characters, where Marvel’s properties were spread throughout various movie studios.
I get it, really I do, but they’re doing this the wrong way… what this movie is shaping up to be, it shouldn’t be a Superman sequel, in fact, it isn’t.

It’s really sad that current the DC comics doesn’t understand their once flagship character.
But I still have my comics from the now dubbed Post Crisis Era, I can read those anytime I like.

This “film” was set to be released on May 6, 2016, along with Captain America’s third film.

Just like the Star Trek franchise, I’ll pass.



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