lucy – lucyyy i’m stoned! no not really…

Lucy is the latest movie by Luc Besson. It’s about a girl, you guessed it – Lucy, who’s in Taiwan partying it up with a loser boyfriend. The boyfriend then gets her involved with some Korean gangsters and inadvertently becomes a dug mule… with dire consequences. Simple enough right?

The good; Scarlett Johansson’s works well here, she doesn’t have to emote much. After the incident occurs where she’s unlocking her mind, she behaves more and more robotic. That works in her favor, since the acting takes a back seat, and she can do what she does… look purttty.

Luc Besson tends to always deliver, you know what you’re going to get with him. It’s going to be fun, international, action oriented and did I mention fun? There’s a nicely executed car chase scene through the streets of Paris, which leaves anything Michael Bay can film to shame.

The bad; the third act’s climax. It’s left wide open. It’s an atypical trope of an action movie, so it left me wondering a bit too much. Usually these types of endings aren’t bad, but in this case it’s a little broader than it should be. I do appreciate Besson trying for something more at the end, but it doesn’t fit. I would’ve liked more exploration of the thoughts and themes he was posing.

Overall, worth renting. If you’re a fan of Johansson then, by all means go see this movie, it’s popcorn poppin’ goodness.

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