comic con 2014 part 3 – friends (photo heavy)

I remember going to comic con to find stuff that I couldn’t get, whether that be comics or old toys, but then with the internet and ebay, everything became more accessible, and if I didn’t get it at the con I would get it on ebay. But I still made the effort to buy one comic at every comic con, because it’s called “comic” con.

Then I started to attend panels, screenings, and meet and greets with autographs, long gone are the days when you could walk in to a room and take a seat. I did this to find a place to sit down in peace, away from the security guards telling me I was blocking a fire exit. Now you have to camp out or spend a whole day waiting in line to catch a barely visible celebrity.

Comic Con has changed, it’s not what it used to be, I still try to remember of those days gone by, by buying a comic, but that won’t change the massive hordes of people trouncing the halls. And when did the focus change from comics to movies?

I’m not the only one that feels this way, check this article out, with the invasion of the likes of Twilight, Glee, and Bones… Comic Con’s changed man… So sad that the big companies producing the products are actually hurting the dealers that sell said products.
And I’ve always loved Zombies, even before they became mainstream. But with anything that gains mass popularity, things get out of hand, one instance is the zombiewalk hit-and-run incident. Traffic is already bad downtown during comic con time… so why aggravate things? Before hooting and hollering, check out some of the facts.

Like I mentioned earlier, Comic Con for me has been more and more about friends. Funny how some of them live in LA, but I have to go all the way back to San Diego to meet up with them.
But mostly it’s been about spending time with the “Monday Crew” from the Toybox days.

Then I “ran” in to some non-strangers that were dressed up;

Here’s my haul from this year. I spent most of my time getting this stuff, which wasn’t that hard to come by, and I was pleasantly surprised. No need for me to go to the Hasbrotoyshop booth, thank goodness, that line(s) has become more arduous with each passing year. If it weren’t for my friends waiting in line with me, time would seem longer.

Despite my gripes, I still enjoy my time walking the halls, seeing the costumes and yucking it up with familiar faces. Maybe one day… one DAY I’ll eventually dress up for comic con… why is that the first thing people ask when you tell them you’re attending comic con?

Fade out-

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