lucky – from the guy that brought us spellbound

Lucky is Jeffrey Blitz’s documentary about the lottery, previously Blitz did SpellboundLucky follows several people, and at times families, who’s lives have been affected by the lottery.  Spoilers below.

The good; certain story lines just instantly grabbed me, the Vietnamese family from Nebraska, a guy who saved a baby in the burning building, and an almost homeless guy in Illinois.
The Vietnamese family reminds me so much of my family, their old house looks like the house I grew up in, and the mom is just like my own.  The way the family shares their money with their immediate family and the family they left in Vietnam is just like my family.  And whenever the mom and dad break in to tears, I can’t help but think of my own parents.
The older man who saved the baby in his youth now has no more money… it’s sad.  You look at him and just say, “he wasted his money,” but then you learn that even his own sibling wanted to kill him for his lottery winnings.  And then the fact that he lost all his winnings almost seems like the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

The film just follows people with interesting stories, you find something to connect with at some level with these people and families.

The bad; there’s the typical American family.  They were the most unappealing, they say how they haven’t change and how the people around them have changed, sorry, but they just seem like jerks.  The husband bought like all these expensive cars and claims to drive each one once a week.
They’re using their money wisely, making the money work for them and making more money, and they are generous and give some to charities, but I just couldn’t care for these people.

While watching Lucky I couldn’t help but think of Spellbound, so it made me wonder how much of the documentary was set up and produced, instead the whole fly on the wall stuff.

Overall, this film really struck a chord in me, even though I don’t really play the lottery. This review isn’t typical, I just find myself talking more about the narratives and their stories rather than the actual aspect of production.
I’ve probably spoiled the movie for whoever is reading this, but the movie is just really good.  I bet knowing what you know now, you’ll still get emotionally involved. I highly recommend Lucky.

Fade out-


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