deliver us from evil – and this movie…

Deliver Us From Evil is about a cop in New York who comes across some strange stuff, a renegade priest is brought in to the mix and the both of them must team up to stop a demon from doin’ what it does. Simple enough right? Oh and it’s based on a true story.

The good; the trailers. The trailers were the best part of this movie. Sure it’s got actors that I like, Eric Bana and Joel McHale, and they do a fine job with what they’re given.  McHale’s levity is actually welcomed in here, it doesn’t seemed forced or placed. Bana does great with his accent too, he’s really got it down. The chemistry between the two of them as partners in the NYPD is really well done.
And it was supposed to be Mark Wahlberg in the lead role… thank goodness we did get that.

The bad; the pacing is way off. Genuine scary moments are diminished from the lack of proper pacing.

Then there’s the lighting, everything, and I mean everything, looks like it takes place at night. From the police precinct scenes to the investigation of apartments, and even when they visit the mental ward. Why?

The whole experience of seeing this movie just felt off, like the script needed another pass to develop the characters. Oh and Olivia Munn in is this movie and she’s got a New York accent, which goes in and out, so the whole time I’m thinking, “that’s her doing an accent,” it really didn’t keep me invested.

Overall, you can totally skip this movie. The trailer did a great job of sucking me in, it advertised a movie we never got.

Fade out-

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