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Tammy is about… well Tammy, played by Melissa McCarthy. She has a horrible day and hits rock bottom, then goes on a road trip with her grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon. The film is directed by Ben Falcone, he also co-wrote the movie with McCarthy, his wife.

The good; Melissa McCarthy just delivers. She has a presence that you can’t help but love and root for. We just like her for her, in that regard she hits all the marks that’s thrown at her, from the humorous to the tragic.

The jokes are pretty good, they’re not all expended in the trailers, thank you for doing that.

I couldn’t believe that a film actually showed consequences, for all the gags and jokes and mayhem that was created for the sake of a joke, that all caught up to our characters, I appreciated that as well.

The bad; it went a little too dark for my taste, albeit for a joke, still a bit too dark and sad.

There’s a love interest in this movie… it doesn’t really work for me. Not because of physicality, but because it felt forced. It would’ve been much nicer if the film ended with them being really good friends.

Overall, I think America will welcome this break from destruction porn, especially during a holiday weekend. But for me, it’s definitely worth a rental.

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  1. This is so random, but are you planning to watch The Giver when it comes out in August? And have you ever read the book? I’m so nervous that the movie won’t deliver…When I saw the trailer for it, I was already turned off by it..

    Anyway, if by chance you haven’t read it yet, I think you would like it…

  2. of course I’ve read the book, I’ve also read the other two books that follow. I really enjoyed the trilogy, even though it didn’t start out as one.
    When I first moved to LA the movie adaptation was supposed to happen, but it switched studios and now it’s finally done, I’m excited to see what they do, especially since one of the trailers has scenes in black and white.

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