the rover – where guy pearce meets edward, but not really…

The Rover stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, it takes place in Australia 10 years after an economic collapse. The film is written and directed by David Michôd based on a story conceived with Joel Edgerton.
It’s about a guy (pun intended) named Eric, who gets mixed up in some shady business when some guys steal his car, now set this in the heat of the outback and the brutality of living in an almost wild west frontier land, where the people with the guns make the rules.

The good; I love this genre, post apocalyptic and dystopian. Think of The Road and Mad Max, this genre of films is just something that every generation has something to say about, you could even throw the zombie films in here.

The execution of the story is very very simple, and for that I applaud it. We don’t know too much about these characters, I didn’t even know Eric’s name was Eric until the credits, I was really expecting Guy Pearce’s credit to read “Man” or something just as generic.

Then we have Pattinson’s portrayal of Rey… my goodness. There’s some great acting going on here, Pattinson really shines (pun intended).

Throughout the movie there’s a methodical quality where it’s more about reacting than acting, Michôd allows the audience to soak the scene in or to soak in what just happened in a scene. Added to that, there’s a sense of true danger in this film. Not the kind where there could be a bobby trap and the floor will come out from under you, but anyone and anything could take your life, it really shows how bad things have gotten.

The bad; honestly… who’s going to see this movie? When I saw this trailer I knew I had to watch it, but this isn’t your regular popcorn faire… or is it fare?

Oh and why is there a semblance of a military still? I could’ve used a little more in this aspect.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. There was no one else in the theatre! Maybe that’s why I like movies like this, cause no one else will go see them??

If you like post apocalyptic movies, this one definitely sets the tone, but it’s different. When filming something like this in Australia, you can’t help but be compared to Mad Max, but what this does is make it more realistic, everyone’s dressed for comfort, tennis shoes and shorts and they all drive cars that you could get today. This film really brought it home, so do yourself a favor and skip the crap-o-la fest that is Transformers: Age of Extinction and go see The Rover, which is an actual film. Bravo Michôd!

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