botcon 2014

So this weekend was another Botcon weekend in Pasadena. We set up shop in the Pasadena convention center, but we didn’t have the big room this time, we had to share the convention center with some crafts convention…
Seems like things have scaled down for the Botcons. You’d figure Hasbro would want to use a Transformers only convention to advertise for the upcoming movie (I use the term movie very loosely here…).

But conventions have been less about the conventions and more about the people, and no not the uber-fans but my friends from San Diego. I also visited Jeff in the artist alley, check out his site here.
John had a booth this year, we all helped him set up and man the booth too. Boy were we busy, this could be due to the smaller floor space, I didn’t have time to walk around all that much. But whatever, we went out to eat, talked trash, caught up, and ate at delicious places.

To; John, Bern, Pat, Jason, Tony and Greg… thanks for the fun times. Below is a photo recap;

Staks on staks…


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