cemetery junction – where comedy and drama meet

Cemetery Junction is a movie that you’ve probably never heard of. But you know the people behind the film, it reunites Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant after their smash television hit The Office.  It’s about three guys who are coming of age and they’re thinking of what to make of themselves in their time as men.  The boys live in Cemetery Junction, a town in England and they want more, more fun, more stories, and more money.  One of them goes to work for an insurance company, one has a dad whose a drunk, and the other is the underdog, he works at the train station.

The good; it’s very relate-able, from moment one.  The guys are great, they remind me of my high school friends.  There’s a scene at a company party where the third guy sings it’s one of those moments where the crowd roots for the underdog, it really works.  Then a love story is interwoven nicely.

The bad; the marketing, I hardly heard about this movie.  Why?

Overall, it’s good having Gervais and Merchant back together.  Gervais tried it out on his own and that wasn’t as well as we all had hoped.  And it’s also nice to see him doing something else, I mean there’s comedy, but the drama is the more important player in Cemetery Junction.  Highly recommended.

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