x-men: days of future past – x-men: first class part two

X-Men: Days of Future Past is about the direct sequel to X-Men: First Class. It returns Bryan Singer to the X-Men film franchise, it’s produced as always by the lovely Lauren Shuler Donner, written by Simon Kinberg, and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Ellen page, Nicholas Hoult, and new comers to the franchise Peter Dinklage and Evan Peters.
It’s about Wolverine traveling back to the time for First Class and helping alter a desolate future. So dump your trash in to Mr. Fusion and put the pedal to the metal to hit 88 miles per hour and travel back to the 70s!

The good; the future looks bleak, just like the portrayal in the comic books that inspired this story, the filmmakers managed to make the future look dark for our mutants.
The full onscreen debut of The Sentinels is pretty darn cool. We get to see how menacing and deadly these machines are.

Hugh Jackman does a great job carrying this movie, considering he wasn’t in First Class, he jumps right in for Days of Future Past and rolls with it. We’ve all grown to love his portrayal of the hunched over short anti-hero Logan. As soon as he gets the story going, he then makes way for the drama to unfold.

We again are treated to this troublesome relationship between Professor X and Magneto. Their desire for the same thing is very understandable, yet they have two completely different view points on how to come to that end game.

The acting is great, its an ensemble cast, and yet every character is given the right amount of service.

With all X-Men movies, we like to see the mutants that they bring in to the cast, this time around we’re treated to Quicksilver. His stuff is the best part about this movie, hands down. The film does a great job of showcasing his power from his perspective. It’s super entertaining and yet logical at the same time. If you know nothing of this character, you’re in for a treat. Oh and for those in the know, we get to see a young Scarlet Witch as well.

The bad; the Sentinels, I know I mentioned this above, but I did not like their look in the future portions of this movie. I get why they look like that, the plot explains it very well, but I still don’t like that look. It reminds me that it’s a computer generated thing that the mutants are fighting. Where as, the first Sentinel models looked more believable, they also had practical models for those, I just don’t see the future versions being a real thing. Oh and none of them were made with any metal? really??

We get to see Hugh Jackman’s ass… was that really needed? I know the ladies aren’t complaining, but seriously, how many average women are going to be seeing Days of Future Past? Oh right, the teeny-boppers who are constantly talking throughout the movie… go read a book! It’s so hard to enjoy a movie these days.

In the climax of the movie, I couldn’t help but think of Quicksilver… he’s seeing what’s going on, and he can help, but he doesn’t. I really wanted more from this mutant, but sadly… we just get the one scene.

Oh and this is an X-Men movie, and we get Wolverine as the main character… again. Guess that’s just how these things go. In the original comic book it’s Kitty Pryde that time travels, not Logan. But whatever.
There’s also some weird stuff going on with the time travel aspect of this movie, but that’s how it goes I guess, cause time travel is an exact science, hahaha. But there are just some tropes that we’ve all gotten used to, that sorta seem to be more flexible here, but that’s just me nitpicking.

Overall, I enjoyed X-Men:Days of Future Past. The film managed to fix things, from the horrible job Brett Ratner did to X-Men: The Last Stand to the studio butchered X-Men Origins: Wolverine “movie.,” Days of Future Past reset things the way they should be, with the director that helmed it from the beginning. So bravo for sticking with it, and do us all a favor, don’t leave for another comic book franchise, cause in the wake of that you ruined two franchises.

There’s also a tag at the end of the credits, the CG in that is also pretty bad.

Oh, and we don’t get the ubiquitous Stan Lee cameo, this time we get a cameo from Len Wein, creator of Wolverine. That’s pretty cool, cause really, the whole X-Men film franchise should be called Wolverine and the X-Men, who’re we kidding. So look for Mr. Wein in the committee meeting where Trask is proposing his Sentinels to the government, they cut to Len twice.

Fade out-





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