neighbors – be mine won’t you?

Got around to seeing Neighbors this weekend. It’s about Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, along with their baby, just living their life. When all of a sudden a frat moves to the house next door, and they now have new… neighbors?? See what I did there?

The good; the gags are great. This is an R-Rated comedy that delivers. Zac Efron and Dave Franco play the top dogs of the frat very very well.

Then you have the supporting cast; Ike Barinholtz and Apatow staple Carla Gallo. Barinholtz is amazing, he’s used in the correct dosage, not too much and certainly not too little.

The bad; it’s the common trope… hot wife to a sub-standard guy. Maybe some time could’ve been devoted to why she’s actually attracted to him? I dunno, I could be over thinking this one.

Overall, I found this one enjoyable, it’s exactly what it advertises. I didn’t set my standards too high and just went with it. One thing though, it does wrap up rather nicely. The ending is satisfying and not too long winded, I applaud it for that.

Oh and Hannibal Buress shows up, loved his role in the film.

Fade out-




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