everything must go – where will ferrell still delivers

Everything Must Go is about Nick Halsey, Will Ferrell, getting fired from his job, tackling his problem with alcohol, trying to save his marriage, and living on his front lawn… with all his belongings.

The good; Will Ferrell can act, as if you couldn’t tell from Stranger Than Fiction, but he hasn’t really done much in that fare as of late.  It’s good to see him stretch his acting muscle.  This is very much an indie film, I enjoy the character driven quality, not a whole lot going on as far as action, but boy is there loads going on in internally.  Halsey is a very sympathetic character from the get-go, he’s terminated from his nice job by a younger so and so, and for his time and dedication to the company, he’s left with a measly Swiss army knife.  Then he comes home to find out that all locks on his house have been changed and that his possessions are on the front lawn.  You immediate feel for this character.

Everything Must Go reminds me a lot of Henry Poole is Here, I guess I just connect to both of these characters, am I that dark and down trodden?  Both movies have the main character making connections with other people that he would normally not seek to interact with.  In the example of Everything Must Go, Halsey’s love interest throughout the movie is not clear cut, this aspect is very refreshing and more true to life.  Some times people are in your life to just be apart of it and not necessarily for being the love interest.

The bad; the marketing, I saw this trailer once, online, and that’s it.  I bet few people have still seen this movie.  For the average movie going audience, the film could be a little too slow paced.  As mentioned above, there’s not a lot of action that takes place; no explosions, gun fights, car chases, and absent are large menacing robots and or aliens.  The action that takes place in Everything Must Go is the theatre of the mind, yes I know, corny.  But it’s all internal struggle.

Overall, go see this movie if you can. When you’re debating what to Redbox next.. skip this film if you don’t want to use your mind, skip it if you don’t want to examine your life and where it’s going and where its been, and rent that latest Michael Bay garbage.

Fade out-



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