oculus – no, not the gaming one… the scary one

Oculus is a horror movie about a mirror that’s possessed. Karen Gillian, from Doctor Who fame, is convinced that a mirror is responsible for her parents’ death and the suffering her family has had to endure. She tries to convince her brother of this, oh and he’s just been released from a psychiatric hospital.

The good; this is a pretty decent horror movie, which I haven’t been able to experience in a while. I really enjoyed the psychological aspect of the film because most horror movies today just go for the blood and gore.

This film really reminded me of In the Mouth of Madness and Event Horizon. But ya know, in the good way.

The way they blended “reality” with the flashbacks was great, it really kept you on your toes as to what was what.

The bad; the structure of the story was very confusing, I get it though, it’s supposed to be, but when it was all over I didn’t think the non-linear story telling needed to be that convoluted.

Speaking of the story, there were some moments when reality and the flashbacks didn’t line up, I know it’s the “entity” screwing with the characters, but at some point there needed to be an “actual” time line that we could follow.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere that this film does a great job setting up. It’s a return to what horror should be, and I got that early on in the movie, so the ending didn’t come as a surprise to me. Definitely worth a rental.

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