thor: the dark world – sequel smaaaash!

Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to Thor,and takes place around two years after. After the events of Thor and The Avengers we’re now in The Dark World, but this time there’s a new threat, the Dark Elves now threaten Asgard as well as Earth. Throw in the ever plotting Loki, who’s being held prisoner in Asgard and you’ve got the ingredients for mayhem.

The good; I really liked the story in this one. Thor’s friends actually served a purpose in this film and they weren’t just scene decoration, which was sorely missing from the first movie. Even Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her rag tag group of scientists helped Thor save the day.

We get Christopher Eccelston as the leader of the Dark Elves, which allows us to spend a good part of the first act in Asgard. We got to know the world a little more, which was the more enjoyable portions of the first movie.
In addition we also get the cast from the first movie, what a treat to see them all reunite.

The bad; why wasn’t the first movie like this one?

Not really a bad thing per-say, but there was a joke with all of Thor’s friend’s saying something to the effect of, “if you hurt him I’ll kill you,” we get it with two of them, but not the third one… felt like a very easy fix.

And we get a gratuitous Hemsworth bathing scene, that’s for the ladies I guess…

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. It had everything that the first film was missing. Hope we get more of this with all the new movies setting the stage for Avengers 2.

Oh and there are two tag scenes, so stay all the way to the end of credits, you should always stay for the credits anyway.

Fade out-


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