moonrise kingdom – in which the kid in us all runs away

I didn’t get to see Moonrise Kingdom in the theatres, but I wish I had. It’s about young love on an island in New England somewhere, a khaki scout decides to run off with his girlfriend. Her parents and the authorities are alerted to locate the two missing children. Throw in a who’s who of Hollywood actors, camera movements, and wonderfully framed shots… that’s it.

The good; this is by far the most relate-able Wes Anderson movie, for me. Young love set in a world with awkward moments and bright visuals.

The kids do a great job, newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward are fantastic. They’re able to convey a sense of maturity that comes from being isolated, but yet retain that degree of optimism that comes with youth.

The soundtrack, I can listen to this music over and over again, in fact I have. It features a score by Alexandre Desplat, music by Benjamin Britten, and percussion compositions by Mark Mothersbaugh.

The visuals are just stunning, everything really does look like a painting or a postcard.

The bad; I honestly don’t know if I can put anything here. Other than the fact that people won’t or haven’t seen this movie.

Overall, this was a fun movie. I really enjoyed the ending and how it was built up, few and far between are movie climax’s earned these days. Anderson masterfully handles an ensemble cast. The visuals are nicely balanced with the story, they’re equally as strong as they compliment each other. The film also garnered an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay. It was also a blind buy for me on DVD.

Fade out-


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