dredd 3D – 3DD dredd, dredd, dredd… the other D is a typo

The movie Dredd,it’s not associated with the previous celluloid debacle from the nineties. This new version is more realistic and gritty. It’s about a future society where the surviving human populace lives in Mega Cities that are in walled zones, to escape the radiation. Judges patrol the zones and render judgement on the spot. Crime runs rampant in these Mega Cities, Judge Dredd is the unwavering fist of justice.

The good; when I first saw the trailer for this movie, it looked like The Raid; Redemption, I’m on board. Then you add the fact that it’s Judge Dredd, and I’m there.

The slow-motion is beautiful.

The setting, the film uses a combination of real locations, sets, and digital mattes, I love it. Makes the world feel real but just different enough to know that we’re not in the real world, but in this place that converted the old world to suit their population needs.

The plot is very simple, Dredd goes in to a slum tower goes in for one thing, but gets trapped in and has to work his way through all the perp-filled levels of the mega structure in order to survive. At its core the story is simple because it’s about survival.

Karl Urban doesn’t remove his helmet, on top of that (pun intended), the gear that the Judges wear is very practical and functional. I’m digging that look.

The bad; not enough Judge Dredd. We get more of Anderson, his trainee, which I sorta get, because Dredd is the mentor and Anderson is us as the viewer. But I wanted more of Dredd kickin’-butt and dispensing justice. Another aspect that’s absent from this version is the satirical elements, this actually might be a good thing…

I wanted more slow motion on Dredd, the slow-mo is amazing, but it’s not really focused on the protagonists.

Overall, I enjoyed this lean running ninety five minute film. It’s written by Alex Garland who previous penned; 28 Days Later, Sunshine, & Never Let Me Go. I enjoyed those movies and I have enjoyed this one as well.

What was even better about waiting to see this ultra violent flick… no one in the theatre with me, I cannot express the joy I had. No bratty kids talking or crying, no elderly people whispering loudly, no elderly women flinching at the violence, and no teenagers with their skateboards and their shirts to ruin my movie going experience.


Fade out-


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