non-stop – all the way to thrills

Non-Stop is a French-American thriller/mystery, it’s about Air Marshall Liam Neeson who gets threatening texts from someone inside the house, hummmph, I mean plane.
This is the first film by Silver Pictures to be distributed by Universal, since its departure from Warner Brothers.

The good; I went in to this film with nothing, I only knew of the trailer, but when the production logos appear at the head of the film I was pleasantly surprised to see the Silver Pictures logo, wooohooo! The stage had been set. If you don’t know what I’m referring too, then you didn’t grow up in the 80s

So Liam Neeson is playing Air Marshall Bill Marks, he’s got a lot of baggage (pun intended), but he’s still in the air to protect and to serve – classic. Neeson is what really carries this movie. You watch him solve things and stay on the course, while you let logic fall by the wayside.

The bad; this doesn’t feel right being released today, it’s almost like it was ten years too late. But I’m still glad it’s here.
People probably won’t see this in the theatres, let’s hope it gets a good life on the DVD home market.

The bad guy’s motivation wasn’t very clear, why were they doing what they were doing? I was left wanting more in this portion of the film.

It feels like an 80s movie, it smells like an 80s movie, it even tastes like an 80s movie… but what makes it not an 80s movie? The airplane is CG… not that it’s bad CG, but I wonder what it would’ve been like if it was a practical airplane model doing the moves that they were doing?

Overall not a bad time, it’s a great throwback to what films used to be, and a lot of the ones I grew up loving were produced by Joel Silver. So pop that popcorn, bring your tray tables to the full and upright position, and enjoy the ride that is Non-Stop.

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