inhumanoids – remember this?

Who remembers the Inhumanoids? This thirteen episode series was brought to you by Sunbow, the same company that gave us G.I. Joe and Transformers.  But with Inhumanoids, we get a much darker story, along with darker animation.

“Can Earth Corps stop this evil before it’s too late?”

It’s about a civilization at war below the Earth’s core.  Several scientists slash adventurer-explorers ban together as Earth Corps when these subterranean creatures start coming up to the surface.

This show followed Sunbow’s similar formula, Hasbro made the toys and there was a five parter pilot that ran for a week.  Boy did this pilot introduce us to some dark stuff.  One in particular is the Inhumanoid called D’Compose.  He’s basically a humanoid T-Rex with an exposed rib cage.  He can turn victims (mostly humans) in to undead zombie monsters with the touch of his claw.

Not only are the villains darker, but the story is as well.  There’s some political stuff thrown in, a corrupt industrialist that tries to strike a deal with these Inhumanoids.  You also have a much darker color palate to match the grittier animation, I mean, this animation is ruffffff, character designs fluctuate and there are lots of shadows.  There’s even a moment where a character says he can’t take it because of the violence, very meta and hilarious.

I mostly remember the designs of the Inhumanoids themselves, they’re monsters for a new age.

Makes me long for the days when our villains were colorful, large, spoke funny, and had undead supernatural powers.

And then there’s this blue creature thing called Gagoyle, it appears at the end of episode 9 – Negative Polarity.  The episode ends with it hatching out of its egg and then eating the other eggs in the litter/batch/brood, that very bizarre scene just stuck with me.

Sunbow created one universe, although the different shows didn’t cross over per-say, but they have Hector Ramirez (of 20 Questions) appear in at least one episode in each show.
But there’s another appearance, this time by a GIJoe, Ace (Brad Armbuster) shows up in… well, a jet.  He looks different from how he appears in GIJoe, but it’s him, and from the way he is in the last two episodes of the series he was on his way to be part of Earth Corps.

The Inhumaoids is H.P Lovecraft with a little bit of H.R. Giger thrown in, for kids, if Lovecraft and Giger had a box of crayola crayons and or markers.

I find it hard to believe that this show was specifically intended for kids. And why weren’t the parents previewing content that their kids watched? Oh right, this is the eighties what with the latch key kids and such. This show isn’t for everyone, but I still remember it after all these years, those grotesque images of animated subterranean horrors stick to my mind like a waffle on a ceiling. But I didn’t know any better when I watched it, go figure. Bravo for sliding this past all the parent watch groups and the censors in general and.

Here’s the entire series on youtube;


Fade out-


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