lone survivor – based on true events

I saw Lone Survivor with Mark last weekend. It’s based on a true story of a SEAL team that goes in to Afghanistan for a Taliban recon mission, then things go wrong. Sound familiar? Seems like we have a lot of these military stories going on.

The good; the sound design is amazing. You hear each gun shot as well as each bullet hit. There’s a part that’s rather brutal, but you hear as well as feel breathing with blood in your lungs. Much like Black Hawk Down I got a great sense of geography and where the action was taking place. There wasn’t an overuse of the close up shots during the action sequences, for that I applaud you, so the position of where people were was clear.

The moral dilemma in the story is well done, there’s enough time devoted to it to make us feel and question our mission/purpose in being over there. By us I mean the military.

The film also does a good job giving us some insight in to the culture there, not everyone carrying an AK-47 is a bad guy.

The bad; not sure if Mark Wahlberg was right for this role. This film is very right leaning, which made for a very interesting audience sample when I saw this film. It’s very very hard to enjoy a movie in the theatres these days, do yourself a favor and don’t go to the Regency in Granada Hills.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I’m also predisposed to liking it. My dad was in the Navy, sad that this is a true story, it feels like a repeat of the events in Black Hawk Down. If it weren’t for the kindness of strangers, I’m not sure how this story would’ve been told, if at all. All these movies dealing with the war going on in the middle east always make me question what we’re doing there. Granted that all war films are anti-war, have there been any middle east war films (American) where we actually win? Or accomplish a “mission?” Glad this story got told, but  you don’t need to see it in the theatres to appreciate it.


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