captain phillips – what, never? hardly ever! he’s hardly ever sick at sea!

I finally got to see Captain Phillips the other night, Alburn and I managed to catch it at the cheap theatre in NoHo.
It’s about Tom Hanks sailing around Africa and they get attacked by pirates, throw in a Bostonian accent and a whole lotta tension, that’s what this is.

The good; Tom Hanks really delivers in this film, it’s such a shame that he didn’t get an Oscar nomination… at the end Hanks grabs your heart and doesn’t let go, it’s amazing.
Likewise, Barkhad Abdi as a supporting actor really deserves his nomination.  A job well done with the acting in this movie.

The film itself is great.  From the moment go I was on the edge of my seat and they were able to sustain that until the very end.  Bravo!

Paul Greengrass’ patented hand-held camera work, which made the Bourne series famous, really added to the film in this instance. Most of the time it detracts from the movie going experience, but this time it really made me feel like I was in the close quarters of the ship.

The bad; Shane, the first officer, looks a lot like Nick Swardson, to the point where it kind of pulled me out of the movie.  I kept thinking, “How’d the rollerskating gigolo from Reno 911! get his boating license?”

Tom Hanks’ accent is sorta distracting too, luckily I was warned about it ahead of time. I didn’t think it was needed at all, his acting shines through.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, kind of wish I had seen it earlier. This film manages to take a story where we all know the ending, cause it’s based on true events (it was on the news, and anyone can read the book or look it up…) and yet when we’re in those moments of crisis I still have doubts that they’re going to make it out of there. Excellent job of building that atmosphere of tension, even when the SEAL team shows up to the rescue, you still don’t know if they’re going to save the day, amazing!



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