inside llewyn davis – based on true events, only the facts have been changed

I’m finally getting around to posting about Inside Llewyn Davis.  It’s the latest from the Coen Brothers, it takes place in the sixties Greenwich village folk scene, our protagonist is, well Llewyn Davis.  Simple right?

The good; I love the music, it starts off with Oscar Isaac playing the titular character, she’s in a smokey bar playing a song.  Very beautifully shot.  Much like O Brother, Where Art Thou, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next song to be performed and played on screen.

The film is very melancholy, if you’re a fan of the Coen’s this shouldn’t be a surprise, and very atypical of what an American film should be.  It’s almost a cautionary tale to those that try to keep their artistic integrity.

The cinematography is stunning in this film, everything looks like an album cover or something that would go with a music release, an insert or fold out.  The film manages to capture the bleakness of winter and transpose it on to our main character.  Afterwards, the movie had me thinking, such are great movies where it lingers with you afterwards.

The bad; the plot.  It might’ve been a little too subtle for my tastes, that’s what I would put here.  It reminded me of another Coen film, A Serious Man, but Davis just kept my gears turning.

This film will definitely go over the heads of most movie go-ers.  Also, it’s surprising that it didn’t garner more Oscar nominations.

Overall, it took me a while to collect my thoughts and really take a stance on where I stand with this film.  I enjoyed the movie, but I do realize that it’s not for everyone.  Every actor delivers, every song rendered is superb (even if the song is crap), but at the end the film left more questions to be answered.  I left wanting more, just more in general, more exposition, more music, more more…The film will break the convention of what you’ve been conditioned to expect.  There’s no happy ending, there’s no resolution and there’s no moment of triumph.  I applaud the Coen’s for giving us this, cause such is life.


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