the goldbergs – my favorite new show

The Goldbergs is by far my favorite new tv show for this past fall season.  The show takes place in the eighties and follows… you guessed it, the Goldbergs as they live their lives in Pennsylvania.

It’s Modern Family meets A Christmas Story with a little bit of The Wonder Years thrown in.  When Modern Family stopped being funny you can now turn to The Goldbergs.  This show “reminds me of a poem I can’t remember, and a song that may have never existed and a place I’m not sure I’ve ever been to.”
It’s like I’m looking back on my childhood through rose-tinted goggles, it’s all the frustrations and challenges of growing up but with more humor and great jokes.

The show is somewhat autobiographical, its creator Adam F. Goldberg fashioned it after his own childhood, during the end credits you can sometimes see the actual home video footage that inspired the episode you just watched.

The main premise of the show is that the youngest child, Adam played by Sean Giambrone, video tapes everything that takes place in the house.  Patton Oswalt narrates as the older Adam Goldberg, basically the voice of God like Daniel Stern in The Wonder Years.  Having grown up with a video camcorder on my shoulder I can totally relate.
Sean is also amazing cause it’s as if he’s doing an impersonation of a Jewish man, as done by stand up comedians, yet he’s young and can pull that off.

The rest of the cast consists of;

Jeff Garlin as the father.  Wendi McLendon-Covey plays the mother, you may know her from Reno 911 fame, as well as Jesus People.  Troy Gentile plays Barry the older brother who played the young Nacho from Nacho Libre. Hayley Orrantia as Erica the older sister.  And then we round it out with George Segal as the grandfather.
Every cast member plays well off of each other and there’s a great sense of family there.

My favorite episode so far is episode 3, “Mini Murray.”  It’s about Adam wanting to go see Poltergeist but his mom won’t allow him go see a scary movie, he then tricks his grandpa into taking him.  After viewing the movie they’re both freaked out and Adam can’t sleep at night, so he goes to sleep in his parents’ room.  Adam being the youngest and growing up fast he’s not into showing affection for his mom.  His mom has been “jonesing” for some hugs, so she using Adam’s situation to her advantage and continues to scare him so that he’ll cuddle up with her at night.  It’s hilarious.

The show is very relate-able, we know all of the characters’ motivations and why they’re doing what they’re doing, even thought their logic may be flawed.  Everyone I’ve told about The Goldbergs has instantly loved it.  It’s funny to see the obnoxiously loud stereotype of a Jewish family, but yet, I can relate whole-heartedly, and I’m not Jewish.  Having grown up in the eighties as well, I can also relate to that aspect.

Then you have the theme song Rewind, it’s done by I Fight Dragons.  Simply amazing.

Do yourself a favor and check out The Goldbergs.


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