the hobbit: the desolation of smaug – my interest goes up in flames

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is the continuing story of the first movie in this trilogy.  Whence we last left our friends, they were on their way back to the Lonely Mountain to bring the Dwarves back to their home.  It’s the Lord of the Rings world, if you don’t know what that is, well, you probably shouldn’t be jumping in to the second movie of a trilogy, let alone a movie in the middle of a franchise.

The good; Smaug looks amazing, we finally get to see the dragon that’s made his home in the Dwarven kingdom.  The CG on Smaug is just so life like, if dragons do exist of course.

I got to see that new delightful Godzilla trailer on the big screen.

The bad; I was bored.  Much like Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Hobbit 2 is way too long.  This movie didn’t really do anything for me.  Every fight/battle scene was the end all be all, so you go from climactic scene to climactic scene… you’ve got no where to go from then on.  Like a good roller coaster, we need peaks and valleys, so that the thrills can be appreciated.  So everything fell flat and mundane.  Which is a shame.

Overall you can skip this one.  A trilogy that didn’t need to be, and whatever story they’re trying to tell, they could’ve done it in one movie.



  1. We actually took the boys with us to see it. You’re right, there was a whole lot of fighting, but I still liked it. We were weary about the boys and whether they would sit through it, but they did and liked it too! And it helped that there was barely anyone in the theater that night cuz they both kept exclaiming over parts of the movie and asking questions.

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