frozen – keeps melting away the competition

Frozen is next in Disney’s cannon of animated films.  It’s penned by Jennifer Lee, half of the writing team from Wreck-It Ralph.  It’s about a Scandinavian kingdom in a non-specific time period, other than the past, with two sisters at the helm of the monarchy.  One has winter powers and the other longs to interact with the outside world.

The good; the music, Frozen calls back to a time where the music is as strong as the characters in the story.  The last time Disney did an adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen story we got The Little Mermaid.
There’s a more Broadway feel to the music in this film.  The character breaks out in song casually as if in a play.  Ever since Ashman passed away that proven combo of animation with song hasn’t been the same with Disney films.  With Frozen we have a husband and wife team, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who have done a marvelous job with the music and lyrics.

The character motivations are very clear and relate-able, Lee does a great job of balancing the sisters.  And the loveable snowman Olaf is used effectively, he’s not drawn out to death at all; the comedy relief that Olaf brings is perfect.

The animation is beautiful, Disney animation has been stepping up their game lately, they’re about par with Pixar right now.  The stuff with the ice structures is a delight to look at.

The bad; if I have to put anything here, well, it’d be the marketing.  The first trailer we got felt more like a run of the mill Ice Age movie… like we need another one of those.  That trailer focused more on Olaf instead of the real meat of Frozen’s story and hello! it’s a musical, pleasantly surprised by that.  But I guess marketing wasn’t really needed.  I’m seeing this movie a couple weeks late and it’s already beaten out the Hunger Games sequel grossing $93,933,226.00 so far.
And this is just my personal taste/preference, I would’ve liked to have seen this film traditionally animated, hehe.

Overall, I highly recommend this film.  Turn back the clock to when you were five or six years old and remember how things were.  There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in this film.  Do yourself a favor and pay for this at the theatres, you’ll be bobbing your head and tapping your feet to the music.

Oh and there’s a new Mickey Mouse short that precedes the movie, it’s a wonderful throw back to golden age Mickey.


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