r.i.p. lou scheimer

On October 17, 2013 Lou Scheimer passed away.  Another one of the staples of my childhood is no longer.  He co-founded Filmation, which was responsible for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Fat Albert, Star Trek the Animated Series, and Bravestarr.
Growing up the FIlmation logo was synonymous with afternoon cartoons.

FIlmation had the title to Ghostbusters, before the they were in New York saving the world from the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

I did admire how most of Filmastion’s animation was done in country, and not farmed out overseas.  Bravstarr was my introduction in to the sci fi western.  And I believe the movie was the last American animated (non-Disney) movie.

Thanks for all the hour of memories and animation Lou.  The use of stock footage may have been criticized, but you won your Emmys.

I will always remember watching He-Man with my brother and mom in that old Imperial Beach apartment, the tv set had a dial with speaker wire and a wood finish, then one day my dad took us to the exchange and we could pick out a toy each, we both got He-Man figures.


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