r.i.p. cal worthington

Cal Worthington died earlier this month, September 8, 2013 to be precise.  Growing up his commercials were a staple of day time tv.  The cowboy wearing car dealer would speak right to me, as if young me had any money to purchase one of his automobiles.  He would either have a monkey or a tiger featured in his commercials… maybe an elephant.  I remember references to his dog spot, but I never actually saw his beloved dog.

The jingle jangle of “Go See Cal” is catchy and will also be remembered as part of my summers spent at home watching cartoons with my brothers, probably while we ate a bowl of cereal in our pajamas.



  1. Dood, I totally remember those commercials! We would sing along to the jingle, but I always thought they were saying, “Pussy cow” instead of “Go See Cal.” I thought it was somehow a reference to the animals or something. 🙂

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