the purge – not the throwing up kind

The Purge… what a interesting movie.  It’s about an annual Purge that happens in the near future of these United States of America.   There’s a twelve hour period once a year where citizens and can vent out their negative feelings, in which there are no emergency services available, and because all crime is legal… including murder.  Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey try to survive another purge night with their family, whacky-ness then ensues.

The good; very interesting premise, although it does borrow from a Star Trek episode entitled The Return of the Archons.  Regardless, the premise is intriguing enough for me to purchase a ticket.  Not much else here, I just enjoyed the world that they built in this near future.

The bad; the execution (pun intended) of the premise.  Why is everything shot in close ups?  The family lives in this big house, I want to see the house, I wanna see the neighborhood, why won’t  you let me see those things?  The only thing we’re exposed to are close ups of the actors’ faces.  It’s just strange that everything was done this way.  It does create a sense of uncomfortable intimacy, but it’s too much, we need room to breathe.

Overall, great premise, needs work on the execution.


One comment

  1. I’m thinking a conversation like this might have gone down:

    Studio Exec A: “We don’t really have a lot of money for the sets.”

    Studio Exec B: “I know! Let’s shoot everything in close-up and forget the sets. We can just tell people we wanted to capture the emotion on the actors’ faces and create a sense of intimacy.”

    Studio Execs A & B jump in the air and high-five.

    It could happen.


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