this is the end – let’s hope not

I saw This is the End, if you haven’t seen the trailers, it’s about comedic actors in LA, they’re at a house party when the beginning of the apocalypse happens.  In the vein of Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar all the actors in the movie play themselves, and whacky-ness ensues.
The good; the actors work well together, you can tell that everyone was in the spirit of this comedy, there was too much service paid to one person more than the other.  Everyone executes their jokes beautifully among this who’s who of comedy actors.

The gags are wild and outrageous but not drawn out.  The timing really works well in this almost parody of the end of the world movies.

The bad; things go a little too crazy in the third act.  I mean there’s some stuff that happens that you see coming and the set up is part of the joke.  But some of it could’ve been “hidden/disguised” better.

Overall – I can’t complain to much, I went in knowing what this movie would be about and it delivered.  Much like Hot Tub Time Machine, I just had fun going along for the ride.


One comment

  1. Huh. I’ve been reading good stuff about this movie and I thought it would be more highbrow that “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

    Of course, I’m still gonna watch it. I mean, it’s like “Hot Tub Time Machine”! 😀

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