olympus has fallen – to second place at the box office

I saw Olympus Has Fallen this weekend.  The audience was so strange, a mixture of families, old people, teens, and more old people.
The short of it is, Gerard Butler plays a secret serviceman who’s been sorta drummed out, but when foreign terrorists attack the White House, he’s the only guy that can save the day.

The good; I really enjoyed this premise.  I enjoy the actors in the cast.  The lighting.  The trailers, I loved the trailers, they succeeded in getting my butt in the theatre.

The bad; the movie is almost like a B-Movie, in that there isn’t much to it.  The film is rated R, boy do they let you know that this is an R Movie, f-bombs everywhere.  Not sure that was really necessary.

The action scenes are covered in the typical way, close ups with hand held camera work… why?  I wanna see things, again, it feels like they’re compensating for the lack of skill.  I wouldn’t mind a stunt double, even like that horrible one in Robot Jox.

Overall, worth a rental, if only to escape the movie going audience these days.  I don’t want to sound too mean, but elderly people at an 8pm showtime for this movie just don’t go together, I could make the obvious joke about how they should already have been asleep for 3 hours, and that they’re way past their bed time, but I won’t.  Lately they have just been noise generators that detract from the movie viewing experience.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS — I thought my family was the only one to have ever seen “Robot Jox” thanks to my oldest brother’s affinity/obsession with anything remotely sci-fi or fantasy. When the video was over (yep, we saw that bad boy using a VCR), we were all stunned into silence by its awfulness. But only for a moment. Afterward, we all vented our spleen, and my oldest brother could only laugh in helpless recognition that we were right.

    Cheez Louise — Robot Jox. 😀

  2. Go see it if you just want a mindless action film that is a homage to 80’s and 90’s action films, but if you want something a little more substantial, then skip it and check out something more smart or intellectual. Good review Eugene.

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