cobra claws are coming to town

Merry Christmas all. With all the Christmas movies and episodes airing, I decided to revisit my child hood, as I was doing this I remembered how much I like nostalgia…

Netflix has G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero on their instant watch service.  So my mind quickly indexed to the episode entitled Cobra Claws Are Coming To Town, a very special episode in which the Joes are delivering donated toys to Children’s Hospital, but Cobra has other plans in store, delivering Christmas cheer is not on Cobra Commander’s list this season.

The Joes are making their delivery to Keystone City… umm, is that where Wally West lives?  Are the Joes crossing over in to Flash’s home base?  Wouldn’t that be cool if Flash met Flash?  I know, geek-dom.



Just a little observation that I caught on this repeat viewing of that episode.

Merry Christmas internets!


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