lincoln – in which daniel-day lewis is subdued

I saw Lincoln last week, I decided to let the movie simmer in my mind before posting about it.
It’s about how President Lincoln’s team worked to get enough votes to pass the thirteenth amendment.

The good; Daniel Day-Lewis isn’t intense like he is in most of his other movies. This is him acting in a different way and like all his other roles, he completely becomes the character.

The opening of the film is great and touching, it starts off in a similar way as Saving Private Ryan, then goes in to a nice character moment with President Lincoln chatting it up with some Union Troops before they go to battle.

Tommy Lee Jones is amazing.

This is another film in which actors pop out of the wood work, a Where’s Waldo of sorts. The most surprising one is Bruce McGill, probably better known as Jack Dalton from MacGyver.

The bad; after the film was finished I didn’t feel anything. As a whole… it was lukewarm. There wasn’t an arc, the typical peaks and valleys of emotions was absent.

Thinking about it afterwards, I went in to the theatre with certain expectations, because the film is entitled Lincoln, where the film is more about how the thirteenth amendment was passed and not so much about Abraham Lincoln. Then there’s the ending… it’s very cheesy and unlike Spielberg.

Overall, I’m sure it’ll get nominated for acting and costuming. I guess it’s worth a rental.

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  1. Daniel Day definitely deserves an Oscar-nomination for his work here as well as Tommy Lee Jones. Everybody else is very, very good but these were the two stand-outs who always kept things alive and well. Nice review.

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