argo – in which affleck does the bieber

Saw Argo this weekend with Michael. It’s a movie, directed by Ben Affleck, inspired by true events about six American diplomats rescued from Tehran in nineteen seventy nine during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

The good; knowing the ending of this movie, cause it’s a true event, so anyone with novice computer skills can look up how the real story happened. Much like Valkyrie or Titanic (to a lesser extent), I found myself caring and at the edge of my seat during the climax of the film. Bravo, when the simple act of a plane taking off receives an applause from the audience. And that’s not a spoiler, for those of us who can read, and learn something from history.

The casting is great, I found myself caring for all the characters, not just the Americans, but everyone… the hostages, the bureaucrats, everyone.

I keep thinking back to the writing and directing. The two melded together beautifully to create an atmosphere of danger and tension. And what’s more is that it was able to be sustained throughout the film.

The bad; Affleck’s hair, it’s a little distracting and it took some getting used to. I can’t find anything to place in this section. But I can think of what people will not like, so let’s go with that… yeah.

Not a lot of action, this film is methodical and slower paced. Argo is classified as a “thriller” movie… with that genre comes certain expectations and sign posts. So the average movie going public will probably be disappointed that most of Argo is a bunch of people talking, much like Tinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy.

Overall Argo is great, it’s the first film on my radar to scream best picture. I waited a week to see it and it’s still getting applause in the theatres, not sure if at a carnal level that it speaks to our patriotism, but it does evoke a certain emotion given the current state of things abroad.

Argo is well thought out, and historically it’s an amazing story that deserves to be told.  My prediction, best picture and best adapted screenplay nominations.

*[excerpt from the trailer, and of course the movie]*
John Chambers: [after telling him his plan to get the hostages out] Let me get this straight, you want to come to Hollywood, make a fake movie, and do nothing?
Tony Mendez: That’s right.
John Chambers: [Smiles] You’ll fit right in!

sounds like everyone who’s still in servicing at fox…



  1. I really enjoyed this movie too. It was quite gripping even tho obviously you know going in how it ends. They really kept you whipped up in a state of suspense pretty much from start to finish! And i thought afflecks hair was hot… And not in a bieber way 😉 haha

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