hey sandy, don’t you talk back…

Hey Sandy!  It’s the adventures of Pete & Pete the Reunion.  I went with Gerry and Hanah, we met up with Gabe and Melina.
After almost about twenty years since it first ran, the cast and creators reunite for a panel discussion of their time on this gem of a series.  They talked about how the third season hasn’t been released, and probably will never be released, so we’re relegated to viewings on youtube… thank you internets.

Lately my childhood is becoming more and more present in my adulthood, never has there been a time in society where one’s childhood has been so easily accessible, what with everything being released on DVD and reboots and now reunions.  It is possible to go home again.

We also then got treated to a Polaris concert.

And then look who I met after the show?  It’s Dan Harmon from Community.  I talked to him about his recent episode with Duncan Trussell.


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