sweet pickles (who remembers this?) bus, next stop… memory lane

Who was a child of the eighties and remembers this?

Thanks to Kim for tracking this down, I had the notion of it percolating in my mind but I remembered it being yellow and not green.  I noticed that in my dreams the colors of purple, green and yellow seem to always be coupled together as well as being interchangeable.
Anyway, this pre-school kit was one of my earliest memories, we’re in our old apartment in Imperial Beach and I’m sitting in the living room on the brown shag rug.  The old blacked striped brown couches behind us and I had that school bus with it’s contents strewn about, right next to me is my mom helping me or teaching me.  Not sure how of where I would’ve seen the commercial for this, because I wasn’t aware of Nickelodeon yet, and I don’t think we had cable in the apartment.
At this point in my life I was probably about two or three, so her English probably wasn’t that good (I think) so I don’t remember what games or activities were written on those cards, or if we even executed their intent properly, but what I do know and remember was/is that my mom wanted the best for me, which is probably why she got the Sweet Pickles School Bus.  I’m also remembering that I played with it as a bus more than an activity source, because the plastic slides nicely on that carpet.
It’d be years later, when we moved between Skyline and the Bay Terraces before the nineties hit with their gangs and their drugs and their baggy pantaloons.  But I remember finding that school bus again after we had unpacked from the move, what was maybe two years felt like ten, and the bus was very well preserved.  My mom had taken care of it for me, she knows how to handle things and keep them intact.  She may not be able to immediately recall where they are today, but wherever they are they will be intact and in good condition.
I think it’s excellent!



  1. Oh my gosh! I had this too! My favorite character was the unicorn…I forgot her name. And then I remember that there were all these big cards, like flash cards with all the letters and numbers on them…

  2. P.S. This also reminds me of something I used to have, along with Sweet Pickles. Have you ever heard of the Troll Talking Picture Dictionary? I used to have a set and listened to/read it constantly. I recently found it on eBay and I and I got all giddy. Totally reminds me of my childhood….

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