sdcc 2012 + photo update

Wednesday.  On the drive down to San Diego traffic was so slow that I could use my phone without being a danger to society… is everyone else going to Comic Con?

Then in the evening I passed by the Arco on Paradise Valley Rd and Meadowbrook on my way to get some Mexican Food.

Thursday morning, let the trek begin…

Lou Ferrigno, a staple of Comic Con

Even Spider-man needs to air out… after walking five feet…

In line for the hasbrotoyshop exclusives, hangin’ out with the old Toybox Monday crew.

Our group got separated going through the line queue, so John saved some space for us, instead of going around people, I cut through the rope, instantly there was a middle-aged security guard yelling at me and asking, “why’d you cut through the rope?”

My gut reaction, which I did not go with, was, “cause I want toys… ?”

Here’s the box for the Helicarrier

Even superheroes need moneies to buy goodies;

Sunday morning before eight o’clock, we lined up for the fabled Hall H. I’ve never seen this side of the convention center, nice back side… plenty of parking.

Brian and Frank… tourist mode? They joined us in the line for Hall H.

While in line for Hall H, I saw a camper who over slept… or is this person just homeless, it’s hard to tell at Comic Con, especially while on the grassy areas.

Is this a memorial for the Twi-hard that got killed?

We finally made it in to Hall H;

What is going on here? I don’t think it’s one of those costumes that supposed to look like two people, cause both sets of feet touch the ground…

Ahhh, the drive back to LA.

Here are some photos from Beach Vespers last month


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