safety not guaranteed

I saw Safety Not Guaranteed last night.  It’s about an ad in a news paper that attracts the attention of a magazine.  The magazine sends some people to investigate the ad, which requests a companion for a time travel expedition.

The good; I love time travel.  The characters are very deep.  Plaza plays Darius, who’s very relate-able at least to me she is.  I enjoyed her transition from melancholy disinterest to actually finding something to believe and hope in.  The movie is pretty straight forward, but what kept me engaged were the characters.

Duplass plays Calloway, the one who placed the ad, and he manages to balance insane with endearing.  Knowing him previously fromThe LeagueI was impressed with his acting muscle here.

The bad; the trailer is misleading.  The ending, that we all saw coming – but welcomed it, isn’t at all the way that the trailer depicts.  I was actually expecting more from this movie because of the trailer, while the movie as a whole is cute, my expectations were built up.  I only have myself to blame.

Overall, I enjoyed this small indy movie.  It’s a simple story with complex characters.  Also, one of my favorite parts involves crying on a go-cart, I probably enjoyed the crying more than the go-carting.  Go see this movie if you can find it.

Source: via Eugene on Pinterest


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