pillow/blanket forts

Dear Me,

Greetings from the future. It doesn’t help that this past season, possibly the last real season, of Community had my/our/your favorite two-parter EVER. Yes, Pillows and Blankets. These episodes reminded me of something.

Growing up with two younger brothers and two couches in the living room (one was longer than the other couch and they formed an “L” shape) made it was quite easy to perform the achievement of a pillow fort. The seat and back cushions would stand on each other, one acted as the wall while the other the roof, and they would form a tunnel that ran the whole distance of the L

On one of our the adventurous days, add blankets and throw in other pillows, one day a small blue Fischer Price table will be purchased and this fort will expand. All of you will construct this beast during the day while your parents work, so none of it will ever be documented, it will only live between the time of recess and shortly after lunch.

I fear that kids these days are devoid of this tradition/ritual, I can’t be certain, but there are so many video games where you can virtually build anything. There are also pre-built forts.

Source: dcmtools.com via Eugene on Pinterest

Gone are the days where imagination and resources were what passed the time. Instead given the right amount of money you can buy anything you can imagine, I’m not bashing these wonderful kids’ tents and tunnel, what I wouldn’t give to have that at my disposal when I was young, but I also wouldn’t trade the imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness or the quality time spent with my brothers for something that’s package ready to made, and has a certain shelf life. The cushion-y structures that you build will forever remain in my memories, during those specific times spent before school and/or responsibility occupies the bulk of my life. Those moments will exist shrouded in endless summers with cartoons galore wrapped in fluffy goodness, then smothered in carefree blue skies, that time now only exists in the past and in our memories. So enjoy this time, allow others the opportunity as well, remind people of what once was; where the world wasn’t accessible in a palm sized device and the next day was simply known as tomorrow. And I know I’ve said it before, but enjoy it.

Yours Truly,

PS. if you’re reading this, it may already be too late… in which case, you should start building a time machine.


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