rock of ages

Rock of Ages the movie is the film adaptation of the rock musical of the same name, which uses the now classic rock from the eighties to tell its story. It’s about a small town girl who’s just arrived in Hollywood to pursue her dreams, she meets a boy, they fall in love then out, they sing some songs make jokes and learn life lessons. Throw in an aging club owner, a super conservative politician’s wife, Tom Cruise, a sleazy record manager, and super low gas prices on the same street as the now defunct Tower Records, and you get this film.

The good; the music. Having not seen the musical I enjoyed the song choices and would like to see it at some point, because I’m sure that thy use more songs than the film does.

Some moments where the actors break in to song felt very jarring, almost comedic, I loved it. And then there were other times where the transition in to a number was very clever.

*SPOILER* there’s a scene that utilizes Can’t Fight This Feeling with Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin, it is by far my favorite scene in the whole movie, especially its use of the eighties montage, superb!

They make fun of boy bands, I luv it.

Really, the song choices, I’m impressed that they got the rights for all these songs to be featured in to one production. Amazing how a song can take you to place and time.

The bad; the pace of some things, like it’s literally a second that the guy and the girl meet that they’re in love. There were also some scenes/numbers with the guy, Diego Boneta, that didn’t seem as tight at the others, like the lip sync wasn’t quite there. But he did a great job other than that.

The story is nothing new, it’s a cookie cutter of a country girl making it (or not) in the big city.

Tom Cruise… I’m not sure if he was actually acting in this movie…

Overall, pretty enjoyable, but if you don’t like this type of music then you are going to hate this movie. If you do like this music, you’ll find Rock of Ages entertainingly sentimental, because it knows what it is, commits, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The music along with the period piece (yes, the eighties is now a period on which things are made) production allows you to be transported to a different time and place.


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