mib 3 / mib III

I saw MiB III, it took me a while to think about this movie, so hence, the lateness in this review.
In short it’s about a vengeful alien prisoner named Boris, who wants Agent K dead. So he travels back in time to the sixties to make his wish a reality. Agent J follows after Boris to save his partner from being erased out of time. Sound simple enough?

The good; the whole gang is back together. I really like the MiB franchise. The special effects are great. Oh and the opening credits/text, I love that font, and it’s brought you us by Pablo Ferro, who’s first title sequence credit is for Dr. Strangelove. Bet no one ever noticed the similarities…
The trailer, the trailer of the movie almost erased the stink of the sequel. I mean, you get the band back together, and then throw in time travel, that’s got me written all over it.

The bad; oh where to begin. *SPOILERS* Time travel… there’s a particular moment where J uses time travel to escape death. When J jumps back to the sixties… there are now two J’s, the present J and then younger J in the sixties. But in the climactic fight scene he jumps back in time a couple of minutes in to himself, not next to his present self who’s in the past, but rather back into himself retaining his memories. I can go on and on about the plot holes and the logic break downs, but seeing as someone else did it before me, why not just direct you there? By there I mean here, and by here I mean the hyperlink.

Overall, a decent movie that will be entertaining on the small screen as well as the big screen. But I prefer the MiB animated series’ mythology to the one that the films have. That could be my own fault why I didn’t like the third installment in the franchise.


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