21 jump street

21 Jump Street the movie?  Did we need it?  Who was asking for it?  We got it and it was hilarious.
It’s about two cops that go undercover as high school students who then infiltrate the popular kids to uncover their drug supplier.  Through in Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, shake and whacky-ness ensues.

The good; the beginning establishes the characters well, it shows how this odd couple gets paired.  The jokes and gags are hilarious.  It definitely had me laughing.
There’s a bit in particular where they have a car chase and flammable substances are around, they anticipate the explosions, like a typical action movie, but it doesn’t happen.  Luved it!

The story felt a little bit much, like there were cramming a lot in, but the dramatic portions of acceptance worked for me.

Oh and the Johnny Depp cameo, amazing!  Didn’t think his part would be so imbedded in the story.

The bad; the story tried to cram too much.  Maybe it should’ve had more to do with the humor and then throw in bits of the drama?  I’m not sure.  Something felt a bit off.  Oh and there are things in the trailer that aren’t used in the movie, booo, booo-urns!

Overall, a nice little getaway.  Gather some friends and laugh it up.  And for those of us who know the show, there are other cameos other than Depp’s.

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