the avengers

Like most anyone out there, I saw The Avengers this weekend. It’s about the superheroes in the previous Marvel movies coming together to save the world… go see this movie.

The good; go see this movie.

Overall, it’s unlike any of the previous Marvel movies, it’s not overly sad or angsty, there’s a LOT of humor in it, exactly like a comic book.  Oh and go see this movie.

And stay all the way through the credits, as you should always do.



  1. Hey Eugene, was I the only one that say the politacal jab at Government as a whole! Not that we need Super Heroes, but as a People should not let Government decide what is Right or Wrong with our Country! We the PEOPLE!! But…A few Super Heroes wouldn’t hurt!!

    1. What’s up doc? I will definitely be seeing this movie more than once, but my initial reaction was just sheer delight.
      The government is usually the bad guy in movies though, but they’re treated more like a corporation rather than a “government,” like Aliens, Terminator 3, Avatar, The Abyss, Rambo, Starship Troopers, Robocop…
      I agree with you, we the people dictate what the government should do, the government works for the people. So Nick Fury as a government employee is acting in the peoples’ best interest? See what I did there?

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