the five-year engagement

I sawThe Five-Year Engagementthis weekend, looks like I was one of the few.  It’s about a couple who gets engaged to be married, then life gets in the way and they have to postpone their marriage.

The good; I found myself laughing at the gags and bits throughout the movie.  The actors and actresses are all great, I love each of them individually.

The trailers, I enjoyed the trailers.
There are some movies I’m looking forward to that aren’t the tent pole summer blockbusters.

The bad; I’m not sure, I wanted to review this movie right after I saw it, but I decided to let it brew in my brain’s belly for the weekend.  After some careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that this movie is too long.  It has a run time of one hundred and twenty four minutes.  Comedies don’t usually run that long, they’re around ninety minutes, give or take… in Fox’s case… take.
But the run time shows that during the editing process they let scenes run too long, for comedies you should get to the joke and move on.  I get it, some of the humor was from the awkward moments between characters, but it needed to be tightened.  I’m not sure where the blame falls on this one, cause the director could’ve told the editor to keep scenes long, who knows.

The drama/comedy balance was not there, the dramatic moments took over as the forefronted theme, where the comedy was relegated to side gags and bits.  The movie does take a dark turn and never recovers quite fully from that turn, it was a very odd choice.

Overall, rent this, in fact, Netflix it.


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