casa de mi padre

Casa de mi Padre opened this weekend. After Wondercon I went with Pat to experience this goodness.  The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.  I must be on a subtitle kick.  It’s about Armando Alvarez who’s a rancher in Mexico, his brother comes back home and not only brings along a soon-to-be wife, but criminal trouble.  Now put Will Ferrell and an overly dramatic telenovela (soap opera), in the spirit of Black Dynamite and you get the greatness that is… Casa de mi Padre.

The good; Will Ferrell, doing what Will Ferrell does.  You either love it, or you hate it.  For some, this might be classified as part of the bad, for me, it certainly is not.  Ferrell hams it up and plays to the audience, and he does it in Spanish.  What more could you want?

Well, you get Bernal and Luna who are typically serious dramatic actors, but now they’re doing that in a comedy and it just adds to everything.  I won’t ruin the ending, but there’s a slow-mo death scene that is hilarious.

One more thing, that won’t ruin the plot, there are a number of mannequins throughout the film, it’s both creepy and hilarious.

The bad; I seriously can’t find any.  But if you’re not a fan of this type of comedy then you’ll have more to add to this section than I do.

Overall, a thoroughly entertaining comedy.  They make the film scratchy, the editing is jumpy, there are numerous continuity errors and it’s just a whole lotta fun.  If you hate reading and atypical comedies, don’t see Casa de mi Padre, but if you enjoy awkward laughing and over the top humor coupled with guns and Mexican drug lords, go see this masterpiece.


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