the artist

Hello 2012!

I started it off by watching The Artist, with Michael.  The Artist about a Silent Film star whose career goes in to decline, with the stock market, with the invention of “the talkies.”  But there’s a couple of people who keep the faith in George Valentin, one in particular is a young actress named Peppy Miller.

The story sorta reminds me of the Grey Ghost episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

The good; it’s a silent black and white film… who does that these days?  I would expect this from the Coen Brothers, but no, we get The Artist from french director Michel Hazanavicius.  Bravo sir, well done.

The music really guides you through the movie, it took me a moment to adjust myself to watching a silent film.  The acting was superb, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo really do captivate you to come along this drama/romance story in the silent era of films.  Acting for a silent film must’ve been tough for them, much like how it took me a moment to switch my mind to view a silent movie, the actors probably had to do some adjusting themselves.  And their hard work pays off, coupled with the music, I was drawn in.

The opening credits were even done in the old style.

The bad; people will not see this movie, because it’s a black and white silent film.  Today’s movie going audiences are not accustomed to these types of films, unless you’re a film student or something.  The two leads are both foreign movie actors.  Everything that draws in an audience in to seats is not present in this movie.  Some people walked out of the theatre, go home and watch some Dane Cook you neanderthals!  Stop breathing my air.

Overall, The Artist is not for everyone, I’m glad I saw this love letter to the silent era films.  I fear that this may be one of those examples where a film is nominated for a bunch of awards, but the regular public will pan all these nominations and consider it film makers trumping their own horns (I’m reminded of the Shakespeare in Love versus Saving Private Ryan debate).  There seems to be a lot of “love letter” movies going around, Hugo, and The Artist is no exception, the visually driven medium of the silent era really shines through. *SPOILER* And at the very end it’s revealed why Valentin was so against speaking on camera, he’s got a French accent *END SPOILER*.

One comment

  1. Ummm. Excuse me. Don’t label me into your “bad” category. I’ll watch a black & white, silent film any day thankyouverymuch. Stop stealing the air that I breathe just so you can breathe it in all by yourself. Selfish.

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