the muppets

I finally got to see The Muppets movie last night, and what’s more, I got a Q&A afterwards with Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, the writers of the film.  Worth the wait to see it, and putting this up front, I’ve always loved Henson’s Muppets, so of course I’m going to like this movie.

The short of it, the Muppets split up a while ago and Tex Richman wants to buy their old theatre to dig for oil.  In another town, Smalltown, Gary and Walter are brothers as close as they can be, Walter being a Muppet.  They travel to LA and see the sights where Walter finds out about this plot.  From there Gary and Walter gather the old gang together, they put on a telethon and make people aware that the Muppets are alive.

The good; unlike Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Pixar’s Cars, you can tell that Segel and Stoller love the Muppets, and not overly long movies.  You can tell that there’s love behind this movie, they wrote it with respect for the material and not just because they’re fans.  I know that sounds like splitting hairs, but when you watch King Kong or Cars then The Muppets, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The special effects are great, there’s a wonderful blend of practical effects and digital ones, and the songs that accompany the movie – magnificent.  When I saw that Bret McKenzie, of The Flight of the Conchords, wrote a bulk of the songs, I knew why it was great.  This film is truly a synergy of all the right people coming together.  Oh and there are celebrity appearances peppered throughout.

The bad; in today’s day and age, this movie is too; uplifting, happy, joyous, funny, and well made.

In all honesty, the movie is about pulling together for a cause.  It’s better to fail together than to not try individually.  With a huge cast, they were able to service a lot of them.  This idea of working and pulling together is not a bad thing, unlike what these morons think

How can someone sit through The Muppets after all the sing songs, heart warming scenes, working together montages, and genuine team building… and think for one second that the movie is propaganda for communists and anti-capitalism??  To that I say boooo, find some happiness in life and allow people to do the same.  What sort of warped mind does someone have where they can watch something uplifting and only think of communism?

Overall, see this movie, it’s one of the best of the year.


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