paranormal activity 3

I saw Paranormal Activity 3, as is per my tradition with Zaldy every year.  I should rephrase that and say I endured Paranormal Activity 3.  The short of it is, someone’s got a camera, they try to document spooky occurrences throughout their house, throw in a non-believer in the house, oh and a young girl, in this case… two girls.  The plot thins…

The good; it’s a prequel, but with this franchise the prequel thing is working for me.  There’s definitely great jump/startle moments.  And some of them aren’t even part of the scary  aspect of the movie.  There’s a scene where the girls’ playset gets upturned out of nowhere, the lighting goes dark, it’s very impressive.

The bad; there’s nothing new,I know, I’m probably asking too much here.  But with the other two movies, previous, we want to know how the sisters got this haunting demon that follows them.  That’s the direction that the other two movies were leading toward.  But instead we get Rosemary’s Baby meets The Blair Witch Project.   And something that’s persisted with the Paranormal Activity movies is that the trailers reveal too much, and… in the case of the third one, has a scene that isn’t even in the movie.  Now they’re just blatantly lying to us.

Overall, skip it, the first one is the best.


One comment

  1. Definitely better than the second one and even though it’s a little bit of the same thing around again, it still is totally freaky and has so many chilling moments that will stay in your mind forever. Good review.

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