in time

Saw In Time, it’s about a future where time is the new monetary currency and people are genetically altered to stop aging at the age of twenty five. Then you’re given one more year of life to live… unless you can afford more time… dun dun dunnnnnn… que whacky-ness.

The good; the premise, I love this premise, it’s a pseudo/retro-future where things are very similar but a little off. With everyone being perpetually twenty-five, you can cast anyone you want, so it fits that everyone can potentially look pretty. This premise feels like something that should’ve been done in the eighties or the early nineties (Cherry 2000, Screamers, Scanners, Circuitry Man, Johnny Mnemonic…) But it has the production values of today. The cars are great, the Time Keepers (cops) drive around modified Challengers, I love it. Oh and they shot a lot of stuff here in LA, which is soo rare these days, they got great locations and managed to make it look barren.

The bad; wow, everything else. The acting was horrible, casting young people was not a good choice. Justin Timberlake is not a good enough actor to hold an entire movie. *SPOILER* Olivia Wilde plays his mother, which works for the movie, but she runs out of time and literally dies in her son’s arms *END SPOILER* This is a powerful moment, but I felt nothing in Timberlake’s reactions, instead I felt everything on Olivia Wilde’s part. That does not compensate, there needed to be someone equally as strong to carry that scene.
There were plot points that were introduced but never developed, this movie is one where we actually want to know; what was Bomer (White Collar) doing in this movie? Why did he have all that time? Could he have been Timberlake’s dad? Why did he give him all his time? Did the Time Keeper (Cilian Murphy) know Timberlake’s dad? How did he get out of the ghetto?  So many intriguing questions that were pushed to the way side to make way for what?  Showcasing beautiful acting?
I expected more from Andrew Nicol (Gattaca, The Truman Show…), what went wrong, that it was beyond salvaging?  Again, I love the concept, the production design, the special effects (the green counters on their arms), but it was missing the gooey cream filling.

Overall, wonderful premise that went wrong and unattended. This is an A movie with A productions but with a B story. So common are these occurrences in cinema today that I regret noticing this pattern. Skip In Time.


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